Ph.D. studies

PhD Thesis:

Alma B. Pedersen. Studies based on the Danish Hip Arthroplasty Registry. Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Aarhus, Denmark, 2006.

Theis Thillemann. Use of medications and risk of revision after primary total hip arthroplasty Faculty of Health Sciences University of Aarhus, Denmark, 2009.

Aksel Paulsen: Validation of patient reported outcomes and predictors in total hip arthroplasty. A longitudinal study from the Danish Hip Arthroplasty Registry. University of Southern Denmark. 2014

Ongoing PhD studies:

  • Claus Varnum: Ceramic-on-ceramic bearings in total hip arthroplasty. University of Southern Denmark.
  • Søren Glud Skousgaard: Symptomatic osteoarthritis of the hip or knee: the significance of genetic and environmental influence. A classical twin and co-twin study. University of Southern Denmark.
  • Eva Glassou: Associations between fast track settings, hospital procedure volume and co- morbidity and outcomes of total hip and knee arthroplasties.” Indskrevet i oktober 2012 på Aarhus Universitet.
  • Per Grundtoft: Incidens og prognose for Revision af T otal Hoftealloplastik på grund af dyb infektion”. Indskrevet i marts 2013 på University of Southern Denmark.
  • Anders Dastrup: Statiner, non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) og tranexamsyre (TEA) og risikoen for kardiovaskulære komplikationer i forbindelse med total hoftealloplastik (THA). University of Southern Denmark.
  • Martin Lindberg-Larsen: Early morbidity after aseptic revision hip arthroplasty in Denmark.